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Dear Parents

Half term is fast approaching and so this week on Parent Info, we have provided some tips on how parents can teach some valuable internet safety tips while enjoying the extra time with their children.
Here is a link to that, and other recent articles, along with the description that parents will see:

The schools will soon be breaking up, but don't panic - help is at hand!

Social media has been blamed for spreading news of fights among schoolchildren. How can you help your child if they are involved?

It's estimated that around 290,000 children in the UK suffer from this debilitating and upsetting condition. Here are some tips to help you to help them.

How to protect your child if they are asked to share sexual images online.

In light of recent news stories about pupils at one school sharing inappropriate images with an adult posing as a teenage girl on Snapchat, you may also like to point parents in the direction of our guide to the popular social media platform:

Why do young people like it - and what are the risks.